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GPS: B- 40.392767 L- 7.541804, Beira Interior Norte, Distrito da Guarda

Ecolã Portugal

Amieiros Verdes

PT 6260-028 Manteigas


+351 275 981653


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Eco Wolle

Web: www.ecolaportugal.com

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Montag bis Freitag 8:00 - 18:00

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In the heart of the massif is the village of Manteigas, a place of incredible natural beauty where it is possible at 2000 metres to breathe the air of the highest point of Portugal.
Shepherds have lived in these mountains since 1188 so the village is characterised by the craft industry of weaving, an ancient tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.

20,000 years ago, during the Quaternary period, the glaciation in Serra da Estrela caused the accumulation of perpetual snow above 1650 meters. The long winters and snowfall in the mountains developped their own ecosystem and the arid, granitic soil set the rhythm of the activities. In the absence of favourable conditions for agriculture the shepherds had a big influence on the life in the mountains. The shepherds turned to the use of wool to protect themselves against the harsh, mountainous conditions.

In Serra da Estrela we find a distinctive kind of white, bege and brown color sheep.
Their expressive eyes and thin skin with a uniform colour are their main features.

It is the most resistant fibre of animal origin, 100% natural and, like human hair, contains a protein called keratin. During growth it is lubricated by the sebaceous glands that secrete a waxy substance whose main component is lanolin. Bio-degradable and renewable, year after year the sheep produces wool that is sheared for its own good. Naturally elastic and comfortable it is used as a natural thermal insulator.