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GPS: B- 48.77577 L- 9.1753713, Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart


Schulstr. 8

DE 70173 Stuttgart


+49 (0) 711/229 81 33

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In diesem Café liegt ein Duft von belgischen Waffeln, köstlichen Kuchen und warmen Toasts in der Luft. Serviert werden die Leckereien auf bunten Tellern und in Bechern der Firma Rice, die man auch erwerben kann. Neben den süßen Sünden gibt es mittags herzhafte Mahlzeiten und Snacks, vieles in Bio-Qualität.

About RICE
RICE is a Danish home wares and accessories company. We are known for our colourful melamine, handmade baskets and storage, and our hand glazed tableware.

Charlotte: The beginning of RICE...
RICE was founded late 1998 - born only a few months after my son Max.

The idea of starting RICE was "under construction" for a while - my French husband Philippe and I wanted changes to our lives - we had lived in Paris for almost 15 years together. We both had great jobs, but felt the need to slow down - have a life where we both travelled at the same time and enjoy a more quiet lifestyle...

During a VERY long lunch in the French country side with Charlottes old School friend - we decided to try selling some of the things he could get made, and then combine with some items from Madagascar - all this whilst having our base in Denmark.

Our designs are inspired by “the good old days” and are very “down to earth” with lots of detail. We hope to colour you happy when you are washing, cleaning, baking and relaxing in your home.

We have a big heart and strong social ethics. We support Global Compact, and we are the first Scandinavian company certified by the SA8000 standard, based on our projects with suppliers around the world.

We wish to surround you with homely objects – down to earth but still funky, fun and functional.

Many people ask us about the name RICE. Rice is a basic food item and in many countries it is vital for survival. This is why the name appeals to us. In fact, many people in Madagascar receive a bag of rice as part of their salary.