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GPS: B- 38.7185347 L- -9.1236137, Área Metropolitana de Lisboa, Distrito de Lisboa

We Are All Skulls Lda - Independent Brewery

Rua Washington 72, 2 Dt

PT 1170-394 Lisboa


Mario Silva


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Web: www.Lucy.pt

Web Shop:


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Lucy is a Portuguese Craft Beer

Who makes Lucy?
Three friends who love a well-pulled beer and a good conversation: Mário, Luís and António. They say hi. Following another of António’s busy artisanal beer tastings, these three friends – with experience in the fields of communication and brand-creation – had the idea to start independent production, to nourish even more friends and even better conversations. Nine months of home-made experiences later, Lucy was born: the first organic beer certified in Portugal. She arrived on the market in the form of a Witbier, a top fermented ale with 4.6% alcohol, brewed using 100% organic ingredients.
Lucy’s unique brewing process was developed by the hand of the master brewer Pedro Sousa of Post Scriptum Brewery, a factory focused on ecological issues such as environmental sustainability and energy.
And with Lucy, the We Are All Skulls Independent Brewery was born, too.

Lucy Who?
With the first beer from We Are All Skulls, 100% organic and made with all the patience in the world, we don’t take a step forward, but rather a step back. We went in search of the oldest and most significant evidence of the presence of human beings on the blue planet, when water was pure, the earth was generous and no one was gluten intolerant. And thus Lucy appeared.
Lucy was a 3.2-million-year-old Australopithecus afarensis discovered in 1974 by the anthropologist Donald Johnson and the student Tom Gray in Hadar, in the region known as the Afar Triangle of Ethiopia.
The Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” played incessantly in the camp where the discovery was made, and provided the inspiration for the great lady’s name.
The discovery of Lucy, a woman, rewrote the history of humanity. Lucy, the beer, is more humble, seeking only to rewrite the taste for artisanal and organic beer, flowing freely to delight the palates of its aficionados.
In Amharic, the language