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GPS: B- 38.7138936 L- -9.1428403, Área Metropolitana de Lisboa, Distrito Lisboa


Zona industrial lote 11

PT 1250-171 Cadaval



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Web: www.babueco.com/

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Babu brand was born on the belief that one can and should create new solutions for everyone’s daily needs. Everyday products, even meaningless ones such as toothbrushes, have a huge impact when used to a large scale.
To see and experience change, one must contribute, so by introducing common products produced with materials which promote biodiversity and preserve the ecosystem is an important step.
This is Babu vision. The brand starting point are bamboo toothbrushes, a market niche product, but we aim at becoming a staple product in every bathroom, the only alternative to the obsolete plastic toothbrushes.
We believe that Babu is necessary to replace a product that has not been innovated for over 50 years and that highly affects the pollution levels of our planet.
Babu toothbrushes are not just the most beautiful, the best or the only toothbrushes that are environmental friendly, Babu are the future.
The future is now, so it is up to you to change. Our commitment to you is: every time you use a Babu, you are not just brushing your teeth, you are taking part of a strong silent change. A change whose impact is up to each and every one of us, everyday just by brushing our teeth.

Babu average size
With 18,5 cm length, longer bristle than the one of size small, this toothbrush is advised to most adults. The crescent shaped designed of the bristle aims at a more efficient brushing by reaching the most difficult spots.
It is available with extra-soft, soft, medium and firm types of bristle

Babu kids size
With a 14 cm handle and 2 cm lenght bristle, this toothbrush was designed to perfectly adjust to the child’s wrist and dentition. It allows an effective oral hygiene and raises the awareness amongst future generations about respecting the environment.
Available with extra-soft bristle